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The Gillette Group headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago and founded in 1983 under the banner of Computers and Controls Ltd., has twenty - two years later, grown beyond the boundaries of Trinidad and Tobago, extending its business interests across the Caribbean region and into North America... more




High-Speed DSL ULTRA   $239.99

Up to 1.5Mbps 
Music downloads
Video downloads
One Time Activation fee
Discounts on all long term contracts

High Speed DSL XTREME   $359.99

Speeds of up to 2.5Mbps
Online gaming
VoIP applications
One Time Activation fee
Discounts on all long term contracts 

Telecommunications Division


Open Telecom Limited was first incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago on 9th  December 1992, with its principal activity being described as the provision of services for the wireless communications market.Open Telecom first began providing paging and trunked radio services to a large market here in Trinidad and Tobago . During the last sixteen years Open Telecom has acquired extensive expertise in both satellite and terrestrial base communications  and has rolled out and maintained key installations throughout the Caribbean. Its customer range spans the gamut of the Financial, Energy and Service Industry Sector.

The Gillette Group mission " to continually challenge the minds of this and future generations" speaks directly to the expansion of our Broadband Networks and delivery of ICT services throughout the Caribbean. Since 2000 Open Telecom has been providing the technology platform from which corporate T&T can access wireless turnkey solutions in a cable free environment. Marketed under the brand name Proximity Open Telecoms Broadband Services are used extensively in the provision of both the Internet and WAN and LAN Infrastructure solutions provided by the Gillette Group ICT Division. These solutions are used in businesses in various capacities such as data transfer, centralizing operations, centralizing point of sale systems, VOIP, Remote Video surveillance etc


t_comtech.jpgOur Jamaica subsidiary Comtech Limited is the leader in both the paging and trunked radio market and is a major supplier of radio services to both private and government sectors in Jamaica. Comtechs TRS is a common wireless communications infrastructure which provides all user agencies with better coverage, clarity and interoperability (one large network consisting of several local area networks) while providing both emergency and non-emergency services to the Government agencies in Jamaica.


 NETTALK Minimize

unlimited calling box.gif

U.S./Canada Unlimited
Unlimited minutes to U.S./Canada: TT $275.00 (VI)

U.S./Canada 500  
500 minutes to the U.S. and Canada:TT $139.00 (VI)

Europe Unlimited  
Unlimited minutes to Europe, U.S., and Canada:TT $375.00 (VI)

Europe 500
500 minutes to Europe, U.S., and Canada: TT $189.00 (VI)

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Small Business package gives you 1500 Anytime Minutes for the lowest ever per minute rate of 46 cents a minute and an additional per minutes charge of $1.25.

CPE Equipment Lease Conversion: $250.00 (VI)
Installation Costs: $1500.00 (VI)

The greatest value for money, at substantial cost savings for your business, for businesses that have too many calls to make and need to maximize on your savings and expedite your business processes. Here the sky's the limit for the more calls you make the cheaper it is.

CPE Equipment Lease Conversion: $250.00 (VI)
Installation Costs: $1500.00 (VI)

At a special introductory rate of 40% lower than your existing rate for International Calling Open Telecom will provide you with unlimited whenever/wherever minutes at the lowest per minute fee of $1.20.

CPE Equipment Lease Conversion: FREE
Installation Costs: $1500.00 (VI)

Free Value Added Features
include on ALL 3 Plans:
Fax Service   Voicemail   Caller ID with name
Call Waiting   Call Forwarding  3 – Way calling



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