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The Gillette Group headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago and founded in 1983 under the banner of Computers and Controls Ltd., has twenty - two years later, grown beyond the boundaries of Trinidad and Tobago, extending its business interests across the Caribbean region and into North America... more

Offshore Contact Centre Services

DirecOne Ltd

Consistent with its interpretation of the role of the Caribbean trading bloc vis--vis  its  North American counterpart the Gillette Group has trained its sights on the provision of competitive products and services to major players in the US market. The demand for offshore Contact Centre services and the International outsourcing of these services has driven the group to enter this industry building upon its strong technology focus.

DirecOne group is a world-class facility providing services to major North-American markets. This has given the Group an extremely strategic opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the design, building, implementation and ongoing maintenance of a large Call Centres. DirecOne is an Inbound/Outbound Call Centre group, utilizing cutting edge hardware and software technologies to ensure that programs are designed and implemented to exceed objectives and build value. DirecOne Call Centre group can easily boast of being one of the largest in the Caribbean region.

This business is structured to serve Business-to-Business, Business to Consumer markets and Account Management Programmes in an interactive, highly responsive team environment. The target market is drawn from a wide range of industries including Fortune 500 companies who benefit financially from the implementation of contact centre services. These would include telecommunications companies offering long distance, cellular and Internet services; financial services companies offering credit card, mortgage, insurance services and utilities companies as well.

Call Centre Management at DirecOne is based on the integration of voice and data systems for full call centre automation. It combines predictive dialling and voice recognition techniques with information processing to increase efficiency and productivity of all kinds of calling campaigns.

The partnership with Accent Marketing Services out of Kansas City formed back in May 2002 obtained the first Sprint Contract for third party verification (TPV) which utilized approximately 100 dedicated seats in both English and Spanish, inbound and outbound.

In April 01st, 2005, the DirecOne Call Centre Group relocated its contact centre in  the heart of the city of Port of Spain on Independence Square and is a full service inbound and outbound call centre facility, with a seating capacity of 288 seats and is currently operating two shifts per day, translating into 576 dialling agents.

The influx of new contact centre businessince the launch of the Sprint PCS help desk and programmes at the DirecOne Chaguaramas facility is not only from the United States, DirecOne has seen a steady influx of new business originating from within its own shores.

The vision of the Gillette Group for the continuous creation of employment for our nation along the lines and models dictated by the Knowledge based economy realizes that a Technology-literate and connected community will help Trinidad and Tobago build on its position as a leader in the information economy. Our strengths will be a skilled workforce, an innovative spirit and world-class infrastructure.Our goals are:

  • The creation of new employment opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago
  • To continue to deploy new knowledge based facilities throughout Trinidad and Tobago
  • To increase the reservoir of ICT technologies in Trindad and Tobago
  • To increase the marketability of Trinidad and Tobago as a near shore/ call centre destination
  • To establish Trinidad and Tobago as a key player in the Global Market 
  • To drive the implementation of state of the art IT infrastructure in Trinidad and Tobago

VoiceWorks Ltd

Voice works acquired by the Gillette Group as a Medical transcription facility in 2003 provides transcription services to hospitals in the United States. VoiceWorks competes against the best outsourced MT facilities through the world and can boast of a 98.5% accuracy rating in the delivery of its service.

Some of the service delivery carried on at this facility includes the transcription of:

  • Clinic Notes
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Operation reports
  • History on physicals for acute care facilities

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